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Are veterans the largest, untapped resource in the U.S. employment climate? It may seem simple, but implementing veteran hiring processes that help match qualified individuals to open jobs for your clients may be one of the most innovated and overlooked options for recruiting. Companies have been lamenting the skills gap for some time, but there may be more than one way to consider the solutions. Employers are so concerned with finding candidates who possess an exact laundry list of skills that they are blind to potential employees who are capable of becoming strong assets. There are reasons that veterans make an excellent resources for this out-of-the-box hiring strategy. Let’s look at how.

Transferable skills

The veterans of all branches of the armed forces are highly trained. They may specialize in something valuable to the United States Government, or they may have more diverse skills. In any case, they have demonstrated the ability to learn new skills and accomplish difficult tasks under pressure. While their experience may not be an exact blueprint for the job, the right candidate will be able to transfer the skills they have to the job have available.

Ability to be led

Individuals in the military have one very important trait in common. They are used to being managed in a way that encourages personal empowerment as well as team-based values. That means that veterans are able to be managed in a positive and productive way. This is a positive asset in a new employee especially in a position where problem solving will be key.

Ability to lead

However, on the flip side, there is an aspect of leadership that is also inherent in a former member of the military. They can also lead when necessary and aren’t afraid to step in and take control of a situation if something needs their specific attention. Whether or not they have specific experience in your industry, they will be willing to take charge as necessary and help get things done.

Adaptable behavior

The military also enforces a sense of adaptability, which is something that is necessary in many business environments. They can bring transferable skills, team oriented work ethics, and the ability to take orders to the table. But they can also change their direction at short notice, which can also help business to solve problems as they come up. These learned behaviors take time to develop, and it will be nearly impossible to change bad habits of some more qualified employees.

Could a veterans-hiring program benefit your business or your client companies?

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