2022 Compliance on the Horizon

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Compliance is a necessary function for employers. Your company must be up to date on the legal information required to ensure your employees are safe, properly managed, and paid. So what do we need to know about compliance in 2022? Here are a few of the more significant compliances issues on the horizon that we can expect this year.

What Compliance Issues Are On The Horizon This Year?

The Battle over Vaccine Mandates

The U.S. supreme court struck down the proposed vaccine and COVID-19 testing mandates, but that doesn’t mean the discussion is over. Private companies can still make decisions for their workplace. The supreme court also allowed the rule for healthcare workers. Workers and employers with differing ideologies over vaccines will continue to butt heads throughout the year.

Fair Chance Hiring Laws in Texas

In 2019, the Fair Chance to Compete for Jobs Act was a federal policy to “ban the box.” With that policy, federal and private employers who contract with the government can no longer ask about previous convictions before making a conditional offer. In 2022, Desoto, Texas, passed a similar ordinance to provide a fair chance for all applicants.

Employee Misclassification

Over the last several years, there has been a lot of talk about a California law that may influence a federal policy. California’s AB5 created what’s known as the ABC test to determine whether a worker should be classified as an employee or an independent contractor. However, this may develop more significant issues between gig workers, such as those who drive for rideshare companies or perform deliveries, and those who freelance as writers, designers, or other typically independent industries. It’s expected that various states will begin to enact similar laws, and Congress has also discussed the matter.

Minimum Wage Under a Microscope

The federal minimum wage hasn’t changed since 2009, but increases have been made in 21 states and various cities and counties. It’s expected that four more states and many local jurisdictions will increase their wages later in 2022. Some of these will be at $15 or more. However, with inflation, some workers are still disappointed in the wage gap. Several years ago, $15 an hour would have been a living wage, but even that seems impossible with today’s prices.

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