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We are still looking at a future directly affected by COVID-19. Even as the pandemic becomes more under control, we’ve learned a lot of things about ourselves, workers, and our community over the last two years. Policy changes are still happening that will affect your company. New transparency in coverage regulations went into effect on the first of January. So what does this mean to your company when you want to show good-faith compliance? Here’s what you need to know.

The ACA and Paid Leave

The Build Back Better Act has several provisions that can affect employers. It creates paid leave for employees in the private sector. It would cover four weeks for reasons covered under FMLA. It also broadens the definition of family members to mean employees can take leave to care for loved ones not previously covered through FMLA. The BBBA also affects the ACA, including the affordability of employer-provided insurance. The bill is still under review by the senate and could have significant changes before being passed.

Public Healthcare Reforms

Subsidies for the ACA will continue to be higher and more easily accessible for individuals through the marketplace. The individual mandate penalty no longer applies in most states, either. We expect continued changes with the ACA over time. There are also likely expansions of medicare, including lowering the threshold and including benefits like dental, vision, and hearing.

Health Plans and COVID-19

Group health plans will also start seeing more provisions as a specific response to COVID-19 in 2022. Until now, most requirements have been manded through public health emergencies, but changes will begin to affect insurers in the New Year. Employers should review their coverage mandates and COVID-19 relief.


Several emergency decisions affected account-based plans regarding COVID-19. In 2002, you’ll want to identify the no-deductible or pre-deductible health benefits programs that could affect your employee’s eligibility to make health savings account contributions. You will want to check into future IRS guidelines on medical expenses or how tax-dependents are considered for the programs.

Do you want to ensure you’re compliant this year?

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