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Have you noticed anyone on your team beginning to fall behind in terms of productivity? Most of the time, motivated people don’t turn into slackers overnight. In fact, there may be ways your team is already underperforming and you don’t even recognize it. If your team could be doing more, there are ways you can motivate them to take on new challenges and reach new goals. Here are three areas where your staff could be underperforming.

Time Management

Even with the best of intentions, employees can lose track of time and their ability to complete projects within the expected time frame. If you’re noticing that your staff is challenged with time management, it’s important to give them the tools they need to improve their own processes.

Daily planners are helpful to many people, but it’s important to allow each of your employees to ability to choose their own processes. Some people love the creativity and versatility of bullet journals while others want the simplicity of a to-do list. Encourage your team to use what works for them to improve their time-management skills.

Task Completion

Sometimes the issue isn’t their ability to manage time, but whether or not they are able to finish a task without complications. Occasionally this is about self-defeating behavior. If a task is complete, your employee will need to take initiative to find another project or wait for another assignment. They feel that by holding on to an unfinished task, they’re guaranteeing the ability to continue working on it. But this unconscious behavior can backfire quickly.

If task completion is a problem for your team, be sure to communicate your expectations clearly. The inability to complete tasks can be related to their misunderstanding of the urgency of the project. Let them know exactly when the task should be completed and encourage them to come to you any time they hit a roadblock so you can handle it together.


Some of your team members might just want to do the most basic functions of their jobs and go home at the end of the day. While it’s important to balance their work with their life outside of the office, refusal to take initiative to solve problems or take on new tasks can interfere with their ability to do a quality job.

When employees don’t take the initiative on projects, find out the core reason. Maybe it’s because they are bored with the work at hand. Or maybe they have things happening outside of work that are causing extra stress in their lives. Whatever the case, work with them to determine the best solution and put them on a better performance path.


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