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The business of recruiting seems like it’s shifted a lot over the last several decades. What was once purely an analog function has made its way into entirely digital spaces. In the past, signs were placed in windows and ads in newspapers. With the internet, those strategies were completely replaced by online job boards and social media. But there are still many tried and true old-school recruiting strategies that can still generate job orders and candidates. Let’s take a closer look.

Job Fairs

Tried and true methods are still a great way to target top talent in your community. Especially today, in a competitive job market, it’s the easiest way to reach many people at once. Many areas are putting together job fairs with additional incentives, including catered food and entertainment. If there is a job fair in your area, it’s a great way to get facetime with top talent eagerly looking for jobs.

College Recruiting Programs

Similarly, you can reach out to local universities, colleges, and trade schools to partner with their career development center. High education receives rankings often based on the number of students who find employment after graduation. This can impact funding and programs. By partnering with their career center, you can be matched with recent graduates who have the potential for a great future with your company.

Print Media

We may have thought that print media was dead with the advent of the internet job board and social media. It hasn’t gone anywhere; it’s just shifted a little. What you need to keep in mind today is that print media does reach a smaller demographic of job seekers, but depending on your industry, they may be precisely the people you need to reach. Smaller cities or niche industries tend to still rely on print newspapers and magazines.


Of course, we have to mention old-fashioned networking. What was true 30 years ago is true today: face-to-face interaction with the community helps build a positive reputation as an employer. Participate in industry events, attend local business networking events, and reach out to organizations that may have a good match with your specific company. Also, don’t be afraid to network in non-professional settings. You never know where you may meet someone who is an excellent fit for you.

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