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When you’re in a management position hiring decisions can often be up to you. Many managers approach this methodically ready to hire the person who brings the closest match for skills to the table. Others will hire based on potential or just a gut feeling that someone is a good fit for the job. Others like to hire candidates who remind them of themselves 5, 10, or 20 years earlier. Each of these approaches has their pros and cons. However, some experts believe that the real trick is to hire candidates who are better in a variety of ways.

4 Reasons to Hire Employees You View Better than You

Top Employees are Better Communicators.

Communications is essential in all aspects of business. Now with the emphasis on digital communications, social media, and mobile technology smart employees can make use of all platforms to effectively and efficiently communicate with the key players in your company.


With many companies innovation has been abandoned in favor of corporate structure and procedures. Now, these corporations are recognizing that this may have stifled creativity within their organization. Hiring someone with fresh, new, creative ideas will help your company develop products and services that allows your business to stay on top of the competition.

Smart Employees aren’t Constrained by Job Titles.

Employees who are sharp aren’t worried about the things that aren’t in their job description. Someone who is ambitious will be willing to work on projects at all levels and even be able to self-manage or help manage other employees, even when they aren’t working at a management level.

Top Employees will Challenge Authority to Better the Organization.

Finally, you want to work with new employees who challenge you to be a better boss. If they are one step ahead of you at each turn it is up to you to stay up to date with new techniques and ideas to better manage these team members.

Ready to Make Better Hiring Decisions?

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