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Unlike any other industry, staffing agencies receive significantly more applications each day. This is simply the nature of the business. But, with all those applications coming in regularly, how can you be sure recruiters aren’t missing qualified applicants? It can be easy to glance over incoming applications at a glance, but it is important for agencies to understand the depth of their talent pool and be able to consider any and all options for open client positions. So how can you avoid missing out on applications? Here are 3 tips to get your agency started.

1)Use an easy-to-use applicant tracking system.

The best way to ensure that every application enters your system is by utilizing an applicant tracking system. There are many ways to make sure a new candidate is included, such as online applications that automatically populate the tracking system. Many companies are also turning to fully online based recruiting sources, including a self-service portal that allows your applicants to update their own information. By populating your applicant tracking system, you know that all possible applicants will be considered when searching for a new open position.

2)Send an automated email.

Another option to ensure that no one is missed in your process is to send an acknowledgment email to each applicant. You can do this with an automated system, which will send a form message to everyone who completes an application or submits a resume to your service. Even with the automated message, you are opening a line of dialogue with potential applicants. This will ensure that every potential employee feels they are being considered for a possible assignment with your company.

3)Hire additional help to review candidates.

Your recruiters are busy. They have a lot to work on every day, including sourcing and screening new applicants and placing them on open positions. And yet, every day new resumes come into your ATS or inbox and they may be overlooked if the momentum for the day is dictated by a specific client or job. Many agencies solve this by hiring an individual to review resumes and online applications and making sure that they are formatted correctly and considered for positions in the future.

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