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When you bring a new employee onboard, including short term or contingent workers, how do you make them feel like they’re part of your team? How are they integrated, and what does their first day look like? These hours are crucial for forming their perception of your company and will inform how they work with you, or how long they choose to work with you. Here are three ways to make your new employees feel welcome and not overwhelmed on their first day.  


Have Their Workspace Ready 

The single most common thing we see in staffing is a lack of preparation on the part of the hiring company. If you’re not able to have the workspace ready for the incoming employee, they will have an immediate first impression, and it won’t be good.  

It only takes a little bit of preparation the day before someone is scheduled to begin. Make sure you have a desk, computer, and any necessary supplies waiting for the new employee when they start. It will go a very long way to making someone feel welcomed and valued.  


Get Everyone Involved 

Another barrier to comfort when someone starts a new job is how the rest of the team reacts to them. By involving your current staff in the start of a new employee, you’re creating a culture of acceptance. Make sure your team is welcoming, engaging, friendly, kind, and helpful. These should be aspects of your corporate culture and it should be designed to engage everyone.  

You can also establish a mentorship program. Ask experienced employees to be available to the new team member to help them get acclimated. They may provide job training, but they should also focus on the culture and environment to support a new employee to feel more comfortable.  


Give and Get Feedback Right Away 

Another mistake often made by managers, especially with contractors or temporary employees, is not providing enough feedback in a timely manner. Many managers will save it for the recruiter and never follow up individually with the employee, but this can backfire quickly. Make sure that you provide feedback right away, so your new employee has a chance to make a correction.  

And don’t forget positive feedback. Always be sure to tell your new employee when they’re doing a great job as well. Gratitude and positive reinforcement go a very long way.  


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