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Productivity in the workplace is an important topic in today’s world of infinite distractions. Your team probably needs to use technology to complete their day to day jobs but the internet is always a temptation. However, studies have shown that restricting downtime can be as detrimental to employee productivity as the distractions themselves. Here are four strategies you can use to boost your team’s overall productivity in the office.

Supportive leadership.

Employees are less likely to be productive if they feel like they are not supported or appreciated by their management team. Not only should you recognize your employees for their hard work but you should take an active role in ensuring that they have all the tools they need to do their job effectively and efficiently. Just be sure to stay away from micromanagement.

Fun, extra perks.

Of course, it never hurts to have fun on the job as well. These things don’t have to be extravagant or break your budget. For example, have an occasional surprise pizza party. Offer games in the break room. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and random holidays. You can even roll in important initiatives with these perks such as a wellness program with free access to healthy foods in the break room.

Paid time off possibilities.

Additional time off is worth more than gold to some employees. Give them an opportunity to earn time off throughout the year. Or, establish a summer schedule that allows the office to be closed on Friday or each employee can have one day off a week on a rotating schedule if they work 10 hour days the rest of the week. This will help your employees schedule personal appointments that can only happen during business hours. Studies have also shown that people who take time off are more productive when they’re at the office.

Corporate values.

Lastly, employees want to know that the work they do matters. Establish a strong corporate culture that they can identify with. Let everyone know how their contribution helps the success of the company and beyond. This will also help you making the right hiring decisions for future job openings so you can match people with the right team members who share their values.

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