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The midpoint of summer is quickly approaching and for many businesses this marks their peak season. When you’re in need of additional help during these busy times, what are some of the best ways to source and hire short term talent?

4 Summer Staffing Best Practices to Consider

  1. Partnerships with local colleges and trade schools. Some of the best employees will come from the students of local trade schools and colleges. Depending on the skill set you need, contact the right schools to partner with their career placement or alumni organizations to source candidates for your company. College students are often looking for additional work during the summer and if they can get real world skills that is a bonus for their long term goals. You may even be able to offer internship programs.
  2. Orientation and training. Because summer help is only on site for a couple of months it is important to make the most of their time by focusing on orientation and training. Educate them on the office environment so they don’t feel out of place. Encourage them to get involved in the workplace while they are part of the team. Make sure they are comfortable with their duties and provide mentorships or connect them someone to answer their questions.
  3. Incentives for summer employees. Short term employees often don’t feel like they are part of the organization. They see the permanent staff receiving incentives and rewards but they are left out. Create an incentive program to motivate you summer staff. Praise them for good work, provide them with rewards, and encourage them to return the following summer or refer others who are looking for work.
  4. Work with a staffing service. Employment agencies are one of the best resources when it comes to short term summer help. Temporary employees are recruited for short term projects and are fully aware of the time frame for the work. A staffing company can also place them on another assignment when the work in your facility is complete. They have also prescreened any potential candidates and can provide insight on how they are as employees.

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