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The results of The North America Temporary Worker Survey from 2020 were published this summer, and there is a lot of great information for employers. If you want to attract top talent, there are some alterations you can make to your contingent labor program to address the biggest issues for temporary workers. Check out the top finding and use them in your hiring plan.  


Offer Permanent Opportunities 

The vast majority of responses to the Temporary Worker Survey indicated that the vast majority of individuals accepted temporary assignments with the hope of a permanent offer. They are eager for traditional, fulltime employment and are using temp work either as a stepping stone or a supplement while continuing their job search. By offering more growth opportunities, you can tap into this talent.  


Provide FullTime Hours 

Over half of the people responding to the survey indicated they are looking for 40-hour per week jobs. Another 27% indicated they were looking for more than 40 hours per week. It was interesting to note the categorization of the responses as production workers were more likely to be seeking overtime while healthcare workers were interested in more parttime opportunities. If you can match hours to ambition, you will attract the workers you want.  


Consider Alternative Arrangements 

One of the most surprising results of the survey was regarding temporary staffing as an industry. Temp workers weren’t loyal to any specific staffing agency, nor were they married to the idea that they would need to work through traditional staffing to access temporary jobs. By providing alternate opportunities for contingent workers, such as on-demand staffing options with the right team, you’ll have greater access to the marketplace.  


Focus on the Future 

Ultimately, the overwhelming response was that temp workers are always looking to the future. Not only do they accept temp jobs with the hopes of getting a permanent job offer, they fully expect that short-term work is only a stop on the way up the ladder in their career. By focusing on your employees’ future and demonstrating the possibility of longterm growth, you can cultivate a talent pool that will enhance your business in the long-term.  


How can you partner with contingent staff moving forward?  

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