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You’ve heard of the skills gap and may have even been affected by the talent shortage. If you’re an employer, you understand that hiring qualified candidates can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible. And even after you go through the process with a candidate who seems perfect, some fairy tales don’t come true, and the end result is a bad hire that costs you both time and money. But maybe there’s another way? Here are the five benefits of using staff augmentation in your business.


Access to Specific Skills

Unemployment is low across the country, but freelancing and temporary work is on the rise. By partnering with an agency that can tap into this talent, you can augment your current staff with the skills you need when you need them. For highly specialized positions that may not have a permanent position with your company, staff augmentation is a perfect solution for everyone.

Save Money

Boiled down to the most basic level, staff augmentation can save you money in a number of ways. You reduce the overhead it takes to have full-time staff. You can pay contractors just for the time they work for you rather than hiring permanent staff.

Efficient Hiring Process

When you work with an agency to help provide you with staff augmentation, you leave the hiring process in their hands. That means you get to review only the best candidates and select from the top talent. That leaves you with the time you need to focus on what matters most, running your business.

Ability to be Flexible

No matter how hard you try to plan ahead, there are always surprises in business. When you have to lay off a portion of your staff, the impact can affect everyone on your team. You can avoid this problem by hiring contingent workers who want the flexibility this kind of work arrangement provides to them.

Administrative Management

It’s also important to know that while working with a contingent workforce, you also have the support of the staffing agency. They provide all the administrative management for each employee, including their payroll, coaching, benefits and unemployment. That means your company resources can go to other purposes.


Could staff augmentation be right for you?


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