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There is a lot of information available about the various ways to incentivize employees. Over the years, some of that advice has felt contradictory. But as we get into the meat of 2020, what should you be doing for your new employees throughout the onboarding process and beyond? How can you ensure they rate their employees experience a 10 out of 10? Here are five incentive programs you should be offering in the new year.  


Participation Incentives 

Training should be collaborative. Throughout the onboarding process, provide employee incentives to encourage full participation. As your workforce learns about the job functions and corporate culture, offer intermittent rewards to reinforce their learning. These can be as simple as access to perks in the office or a small gift card.  


Progress-Based Incentives 

Once your new team members begin working, there will be stops and starts along the way. Everyone learns at a different pace, and that’s okay. But you should encourage them to continue to pick up the work by providing progress-based incentives to help them want to work better and more efficiently.  


Outcome-Based Incentives 

For onboarding, and even beyond, don’t forget the outcome-based incentives. This is a reward when a project, or training, is completed to your satisfaction. When rewarding your team for a positive outcome, think about things they want like a cash bonus or maybe even an additional PTO day. This kind of employee incentive can encourage them to continue to push toward success.  


Social Incentives 

Humans are, at their core, a social species. We like to be interactive and collaborative. One incentive that companies often forget is to reward their team through social engagement. A fun out of office activity where your employees can get to know one another away from the workplace is always a huge hit. Choose a happy hour event, or dinner at a local restaurant, or even a weekend retreat depending on the level of incentive.  


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