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There are two types of job candidates: active and passive. An active candidate is someone currently looking for a job and applying to open positions. A passive candidate is someone who is working and not looking for a new job, but may be interested if the right position came along. Sometimes a passive candidate is the best person for your open position, but how do you attract them to your company? How do you make them want to take that leap? Here are a few ways you can sell your business to potential passive candidates.

  1. Great social media presence.

    It’s all about the first impression. When you reach out to a passive candidate, they’re going to want to see what your company is all about. You should be on social media projecting a positive company image that makes people want to work with you. This also works for active candidates, so everyone can see why your company is where they want to be.

  2. Community-oriented workplace.

    Many candidates today want to work for a company that is socially conscious. They want to see there is more beyond just the products or services you provide. You are involved in the community, participate in volunteering and fundraising opportunities, and have causes your culture cares about.

  3. Compensation packages.

    Money should never be the only factor, but it certainly is important. Very few people are going to leave a job they already like if they don’t have the promise of more income. What does your compensation package look like compared to your competition? What can you offer beyond just salary in terms of benefits and perks?

  4. Innovative projects.

    Passive candidates also want to know their work is going to contribute to something greater than themselves. They are unlikely to leave a current position to do exactly the same thing somewhere else. What can you offer them in terms of what they can contribute to your company?

  5. Chance for promotions.

    The chance of upward mobility may also attract them to your position. They may be feeling stuck in their current job and might not realize they could have an opportunity for growth somewhere else. If you can demonstrate that to them, they may consider crossing over to your organization.

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