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Screening candidates to ensure you’re only bringing in the best for the interview and selection process is an essential step. But how do you know your candidates are going to meet your expectations. There are a variety of things you can do to improve your screening process. Before you set up your next round of interviews, consider these six things you can do to be prepared to hire qualified candidates.


Establish Goals

It’s essential you have a picture of your final outcome in mind when you start the prescreening process. You should have an idea of the necessary skills and background that would be a fit for the open position. This can help you formulate the plan and streamline the applicant process.

Automate the Process

As much as you can, let technology do the work for you. For example, you can embrace an online application process that will help you narrow down and select the top candidates. Work with a team of experts to design something that works on mobile devices as well as computers.

Leverage Social Media

It’s fine line to walk, but social media can help you prescreen candidates. It’s important not to use information in a discriminatory way, but social media platforms like LinkedIn can give you a lot of useful data to help inform your decision.

Do Your Homework

As a hiring manager, you expect your candidates will do their homework before arriving to your office for an interview. You want them to review the company website and the job description at the very least. You need to offer the same courtesy. Know who you’re talking to when you meet with them.

Be Consistent

In order to make a fair decision, you need to judge each candidate by the same criteria. That’s why consistency is essential throughout the process. Start by creating a process that is the same for every applicant from the initial point of contact through the interview and offer.

Communicate Often

Finally, to ensure you are screening and hiring the best possible candidates, be sure to communicate effectively along the way. Don’t keep candidates hanging without knowing the next steps. Respond to applications in a timely manner and communication your expectations.


What is your prescreening process?

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