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Any business, no matter their size, benefits from partnering with a managed staffing services provider. The advantages of this staffing approach remain numerous, including significant cost savings compared to handling your own hiring needs. It also helps companies focus on running their business as opposed to perusing hundreds of résumés.

Even with rumors of a recession arriving over the next two years, the job market remains one favoring candidates. This scenario forces businesses to engage in a competitive and costly hiring process that’s typically fraught with risk. You might identify a top-shelf candidate only to see them accept another offer before you get a chance for a final interview.

Partnering with a staffing MSP largely mitigates any risk inherent with the staffing process, but especially with unemployment low. If you are unfamiliar with the myriad ways an MSP in staffing benefits your organization, read further. This article provides the detail you need to make an informed decision on a staffing partner. It ultimately provides the peace of mind letting you lead your business to higher levels of success.


What is an MSP in Staffing?

Simply stated, a managed staffing services provider handles all aspects of the hiring process for their client companies. This includes identifying the top candidates for your open position; those possessing the skills, experience, and cultural fit you need. In most cases, you only need to perform a final interview to see if the top candidate meets your requirements.

Fostering a meaningful partnership with a staffing MSP helps them truly understand your ideal candidate. This ensures they only present professionals with the ability to thrive in your organization. They ultimately make a great cultural fit, becoming a valuable member of your team. This applies to both temporary hires for a specific project or someone in a staff augmentation role.

In fact, your business is able to leverage its MSP in staffing to find contract workers for a contingent workforce. Of course, you can also onboard someone on a temp-to-hire basis to see if they make a great fit in your office or factory. This approach provides your business with the staffing flexibility it needs for true operational efficiency and project success.


What are the Benefits of Using a Staffing MSP to Manage Your Contingent Workforce?

So let’s dive into the details of the myriad benefits your business enjoys when partnering with a staffing MSP. These advantages go beyond cost savings, ultimately helping your business stay nimble no matter the current economic situation. It remains a wise choice for ensuring your operations never suffer from a lack of talent.

Remember, the competition for experienced professionals remains fierce. As such, finding staffing success in the current job market requires a discerning approach. So these benefits of partnering with a staffing MSP provide food for thought when developing your next hiring plan.


Staffing MSPs Can Help You Find Talent Faster

Managing any staffing process requires a significant amount of time and resources from your HR team. If you lack a full HR team, your managers might be stuck vetting résumés, rating candidates, and scheduling interviews. Obviously, this is time better spent managing your business and finding new growth opportunities.

Also understand that the top candidates are only on the market for a few weeks at the most. This requires your organization to strike quickly whenever a hiring need arises. Failure to do so results in your business missing out on great talent.

So staffing MSPs remain a great option for adding velocity to your talent sourcing efforts. They maintain large candidate pools ready to meet your organizational needs – either temporary or permanent. In short, they help you find the candidates you need faster than ever before.


An MSP in Staffing Provides Flexibility

As noted earlier, businesses need to stay flexible and nimble to thrive in a constantly changing global economy. A high level of flexibility definitely matters when considering your company’s staffing process. Using a contingent workforce approach optimizes your staffing spend while letting you easily scale up and down as necessary.

After all, your business becomes saddled with additional expenses when hiring permanent employees to meet a short-term need. If the amount of project work lessens, this extra spend becomes a drain on your profitability.

Experienced managed staffing services providers understand this need for their client businesses. As such, they provide an array of candidates interested in either short-term or permanent assignments. This approach lets you try out a candidate on a short-term gig before potentially offering them permanent employment. In short, it helps businesses get their staffing process right.


Staffing MSP Can Ensure Compliance

Handling compliance issues requires HR departments to waste an inordinate amount of time better spent elsewhere. The complexity surrounding compliance only increased in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic with its advent of remote working. As such, HR teams now need to understand regulations in multiple states and localities.

Working with a staffing services provider makes compliance an easier process. Since staffing MSPs deal with these issues as part of the core business, they become experts in regulatory issues. Your organization need not worry about compliance problems with contract workers provided by managed staffing companies.

When employing talent on a contract basis, staffing providers normally handle all payroll processing. This includes managing location-specific tax rules and more. This approach definitely lightens the load for businesses with a small HR team.


Streamline the Hiring Process with Managed Staffing Services

As noted earlier, the best talent only stays on the market for a few weeks. So businesses with bloated staffing processes tend to lose out on these top-shelf candidates. They typically discover their top candidate accepted another offer before conducting a third round of interviews. Simply stated, an efficient staffing process leads to a greater chance of a successful result.

Note that modern candidates prefer companies with streamlined hiring processes. They don’t want to wait around for a month or two while a business makes their final decision. So working with an MSP in staffing lets your business take advantage of a mature staffing process without bloat.


Improve Contingent Workforce Visibility with a Staffing MSP

Some businesses make little effort to analyze the spend on their staffing efforts. As a result, their hiring process effectively serves as a black box. It generates a host of expenses, while not always finding great candidates. This situation hampers the productivity of many businesses.

Staffing MSPs provide clients with the necessary reporting and metrics to provide visibility into their hiring spend. It tracks contingent workers as well as the vendors serving as sources of talent. Companies without this critical data are effectively flying blind in regard to their staffing budgets. This valuable information remains a crucial advantage gained from partnering with an MSP in staffing.


MSPs in Staffing Decrease Hiring Risks

Again, any staffing process includes a measure of risk, especially when business try to find talent on their own. In a competitive market for talented candidates, this level of risk increases. Companies spend time trying to find a great employee or contract workers and end up with no new hires. The costs of this approach hamper the profitability of many organizations.

Needless to say, partnering with managed staffing services provider greatly reduces the risks inherent with the hiring process. The best staffing MSPs boast large candidate pools with repeatable processes to quickly source new talent. Partnering with one ensures your organization never lacks the ability to close a skills gap or add talent on a crucial project.


Managed Staffing Services Help You Achieve Scalability

What if your business recently completed a successful project and the client now wants you on a larger undertaking? Of course, the work breakdown structure for the new initiative requires you to increase your headcount by 20 percent. Trying to manage this staffing effort on your own might require as much effort as the project itself!

However, this scenario causes few worries with a partnership with an experienced managed staffing services provider. Their ability to quickly find talent for your business provides a strong measure of scalability. It helps your business expand as necessary to meet the needs of a growing organization.


Reduce Labor Costs with a Staffing MSP

Of cost, cost savings remain a leading reason businesses partner with a staffing MSP for their hiring needs. In fact, companies regularly work with technical managed service providers for the same reason. Simply put, letting experts handle certain processes results in higher efficiencies and lower costs.

When adding in the level of risk noted earlier, it makes little sense for organizations to handle staffing in-house. These expenses tend to grow when a business regularly fails to make a successful hire. Partnering with a MSP remains the right approach to reduce your business’s talent expenses. Expect a more profitable company as a result.


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