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Have you ever had a situation where someone didn’t turn out to be exactly who they represented themselves as in the interview process? This is a nightmare situation for most hiring managers, but it can be avoided. It’s not uncommon for candidates to fudge some information here or there, and some can be forgivable, but when the most egregious of lies makes its way through, you need to know how to catch it. Here are a few of the ways background screening can help you vet candidates to ensure they’re properly licensed.

Exaggerated or False Information

It’s not uncommon for candidates to exaggerate on their resumes, and sometimes the details are negligible. However, sometimes the falsification is extreme and can put your business at risk. At the top of that list is the misrepresentation of a certification or license required to perform the job at hand. While it’s certainly dishonest, it’s also illegal and can have a lasting effect. While some exaggerations can be easy to spot, some are more challenging and without further oversight, it could spell trouble.

License Verification

The first step to ensuring that your potential employees have the licensing required is by verifying their credentials. This will take some legwork, including reaching out to the governing body that issued the license to make sure that the information is correct. It’s also illegal to include a license or certification that’s been revoted or allowed to expire, so verification is imperative.

Reference Checks

Conducting reference checks is also an essential part of the pre-employment process. According to SHRM, 87% of companies complete reference checks on their candidates before completing the hiring process, but that also means many companies aren’t conducting them. This needs to be done in conjunction with the license verification process so you can better understand how the employee handled themselves on the job.

Reviewing Education

When a license, certification, or degree is required for a job, it’s also important to review their educational background. False information can be provided, such as indicating the candidate obtained a degree they never received. Or, some candidates may have received a degree from an unaccredited institution or “diploma mill.” It’s even possible that some don’t understand the implications of that on their professional reputation.

Background Screening

Complete background screening is a difficult, time-intensive, and expensive process. This is why it pays to work with a recruitment partner who can handle all of the pre-employment verifications and requirements. This will save your company a lot of headaches as you’ll know the right candidate has been properly vetted and is fully qualified, certified, or licensed to work with your organization.

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