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What do you need to do to ensure your contingent workforce is set up for success? The first 90 days of a project are critical to ensure the success of your contract employees’ tenure with your organization.  Are you prepared for contingent employees to start? Your onboarding processes for these key employees needs to be smooth and consistent. Here are some tips to help you improve the success rate of your new contingent workers.

Be Prepared

Before your contingent worker arrives on their first day, plan ahead to ensure they have everything they need to get started. It’s not uncommon for a contingent employee to arrive on the first day to find they have no workspace, no computer access and no tools necessary to start the job. If they have to wait to get started, they’ll get frustrated.

Make Introductions

It can be intimidating to be the new person joining an already-established team, especially when the other employees know your position is temporary or contract. You can make this process easier by introducing your new contract employee to the entire staff, especially anyone they’ll be interacting with regularly.

Pair With Mentors

With a contingent workforce, you may not think too much about training. They come to the table with the skills they need to perform the work. However, it’s a good idea to give them the tools to integrate with your staff and business culture. One way to do that is to pair them with a mentor from your staff. This person can answer any questions they have about working with your organization, policies, and procedures.

Provide Feedback

Throughout the onboarding process, make sure you provide feedback regularly. This should be given directly to the employee as well as the agency that placed them. Definitely offer constructive criticism and correction when they need it, but don’t forget positive feedback as well. And allow them to provide feedback to you about the onboarding process as well.

How can you make the most of your new employees’ first day?

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