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Millennials are poised to become the largest population in the U.S. workforce in the coming years. Much of this is a natural transition but another reason is the size of this 20-something generation. With that in mind, companies who create cultures that appeals specifically to millennials will be ahead of the game when it comes to hiring the best and brightest talent available. So how do you attract millennials to your workforce? Here are a few ideas.

1. Create a flexible work schedule.

More than anything, the youngest generation in the workforce wants ownership over their time. Gone are the 9-5 schedules of the past. And even more dead is overtime hours totally twice the normal work week. Millennials are looking for flexibility and results oriented workplaces. They don’t want to account for their time, but account for their success and productivity instead.

2. Offer long-term career development.

Another issue that employers have with millennials is the perception that they’re “job hoppers.” This isn’t the entire truth. Sure, some millennials will go from job to job, but not because they are flighty. Rather, they are looking for a challenge and if one environment can’t offer that, they’ll go somewhere else. To retain talented millennials, create training programs that engage them.

3. Provide feedback on a regular basis.

For a long time, the accepted method of career feedback was done entirely within the parameters of the annual review. But this is no longer working for the younger employees. Instead, they want to know how things are going at all times, good and bad. And, in truth, this method of communication is proving more positive as mistakes can be corrected along the way and overall performance and satisfaction improves.

4. Share a mission and a purpose.

Profitability is usually the top priority of any company, but your millennial staff isn’t as concerned. It isn’t that they don’t want to make money, but rather they want to know the purpose behind the money they make. How is their contribution valued on a grander scale? How does the work they’re doing matter not only to the company but to the world?

5. Supply creative perks of employment.

Thinking outside of the box will also keep your millennials happy on the job. By offering creative perks that your competition didn’t think of first will help you attract the brightest new talent to your doorstep. Additional benefits like college tuition payment programs, fast mini-promotions and raises, and consumer-based concepts are all ideas that can help improve your environment for the millennial employee.

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