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There really has never been a better time to be a part of the contingent staffing market. The way companies are utilizing talent and the flexibility workers have with contingent employees is changing the game. But to be a leader in your area, it is important that you understand some of the ways contingent staffing has changed over the years and implement new strategies to stay on top of the game. Experts are referring to the new era of contingent staffing the Gig Economy, with a focus on on-demand work for short term projects. This can be a huge advantage to the right agencies. Here are some ideas to keep you engaged and a part of the new paradigm.

Implement technological solutions for time management.

There are a variety of technological solutions that can help staffing agencies provide services for both their clients and employees. Utilize modern versions of the applicant tracking system. Include options for client contact. Transition to text message and email contact forms that can help streamline your communications processes.

Design processes for high-volume, automated screening.

Every staffing service knows that the key to success is the number of employable candidates that you can screen. Without qualified people to fill open jobs, you will be scrambling to source and recruit when the need is greatest. Implementing programs, such as video recruiting, can help speed up the process.

Virtual interviews and meetings between clients, candidate, and recruiters.

The world is changing, and remote workers and the gig economy means that many individuals are looking for short term work between long term projects or as freelancers. If you can connect these potential employees with your clients without the several step intermediary process, you will be able to place more employees at a time.

Embrace the power of social media for modern recruiting.

The newest generation of employees are not seeking jobs in the traditional ways. Just as online job boards replaced the printed ad, social media is replacing online job boards. Connect with potential employees online and use social media to promote open positions and attract qualified candidates.

Develop strategies to connect more to your candidates in this new system.

Of course, with all of this new technology and the ability to reach more people without face to face communication, it is imperative that you develop ways to connect to your candidates. Potential employees want to feel as though they matter, that they aren’t a number in your system. Use social media outreach, even if you need a dedicated person for this role, to create these processes.

Are you ready to be a leader in this brave new world of online staffing?

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