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Can a contingent worker be the solution to your staffing problems? Many companies are turning to a contingent workforce to fill gaps or staff for large projects, among other situations. Alternative work arrangements are becoming very popular and increasing by the day, especially during the COVID-19 health crisis. But why are more companies choosing to hire contingent workers?  


The Contingent Workforce 

A contingent worker is, by definition, a temporary employee. They will typically be employed by a staffing partner and will do a job, such as a project that needs to be completed at the client company. The advantages of working with a contingent workforce include many aspects, including access to employees with specialized skills who may not be looking for full time, permanent employment.  


Payroll and Taxes 

One benefit your company will have when working with a contingent workforce is in terms of payroll and taxes. Since the worker is not an employee of your organization, you will not be responsible for their state or federal payroll taxes. That includes social security and Medicare taxes. If the employee is an independent contractor, they may pay self-employment tax, but as a contract worker for an agency, the agency would be responsible for taxes.  


Financial Responsibility  

Hiring a contingent workforce, especially for very specific skills and specializations, also means your company can save money. You won’t need to provide additional perks or benefits to anyone who works in your company on a contingent basis. You are only paying for the work the employee performs.  


Increased Flexibility  

But you also know that hiring is a big commitment. Consider a specialized role that won’t have a long-term need in your company. How do you get that kind of work done without hiring and then laying off an expert? This is precisely the perfect role for a contingent worker. They know that the position will only be for the duration of the project, and they also want that flexibility in their careers.  


Workforce Management 

Your staffing partner will be there every step of the way to help you properly manage your contingent workforce. Depending on the specifics of the job, the number of employees, and the kind of supervisory experience you want, you can partner with your staffing provider to offer the right workforce management program.  


Are you ready to hire a contingent workforce?

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