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You’ve heard a lot about temporary work or contractors in recent months. It seems like the Gig Economy is getting all the attention lately. But direct hire is still an essential part of any industry. You need to have the right people in place for the right jobs to ensure success. But how do you ensure that your direct hires are the best, most qualified candidates for your open positions? And how do you even begin to find the time to handle everything it takes to hire the right people at the right time. Partnering with a team of recruiting professionals can help streamline your process to make hiring faster, easier, and more costeffective. Here’s how.  


Job Descriptions and Postings 

When you partner with an agency that specializes in direct hire placements, you have the benefit of their years of experience. They will have all the tools they need to create job descriptions that attract top candidates. When experts masterfully create your job description and the online job posting, more qualified people will see and apply. The application process will be easy to navigate, improving your chances of seeing top candidates.  


Resume Reviews and Interview Scheduling 

Of course, having more qualified applicants is a duel edged sword. You want to see more top candidates in the pool, but you have a business to run and need to focus on other aspects. That’s another place your staffing partner can excel. They’ll handle all the resume reviews, so you only see the top picks for your specific position. Once you give them your approval, your recruiter will schedule interviews based on your availability.  


Follow Up and Communication 

You also don’t need to stress over the level of communication and follow up with candidates. When only one top choice can get the job, it’s just as crucial that a company doesn’t burn their bridges. You’ll never know when you may have an opening that one of these candidates can fit in the future. Your recruiting partner will handle the remainder of the process to ensure that everyone is getting the right information at the right time.  



One aspect many managers and business owners don’t consider when working with a staffing agency for directhire positions is how they can help with onboarding. Your staffing solution, based on your particular partnership, can assist with the integration of your new employee with your current staff, get them up to speed on essential policies, and complete all the necessary paperwork so they can come in and hit the ground running.  


Are you ready to look for top direct-hire talent?

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