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Some projects simply need more hands-on deck. But when you’re working with that many contingent workers, how can you make sure everything is going smoothly? Many companies turn to Onsite staffing partners to assist in not only the recruiting process but also the boots-on-the-ground management of the contingent workforce. What are the benefits of working with onsite staffing partners? Let’s take a closer look.

Recruiting and Screening

With high volumes of workers coming through your door, the screening and recruitment process can be an all-day, everyday experience. According to Lever’s report in this SHRM article, small companies hire 1 in every 94 candidates while larger companies hire 1 in every 129. That means you can evaluate over 100 possible applications before making one offer. But with onsite staffing, a dedicated recruiting professional will handle this entire process ensuring top talent in every position.

Training and Orientation

Beyond recruiting, onboarding candidates is also a time-consuming process. This is especially true when working with high volumes of short-term or contingent workers. An on-site staffing partner will facilitate the entire onboarding process, including training on the specific functions of the job as well as orientation to understand safety, culture, and other aspects that will enhance success.

Time Keeping and Payroll

Each contingent worker also needs to be paid, and with the number of workers in flux, this can become complicated. An onsite staffing partner will handle all of this for you. Each employee will be paid by their managing agency. And the staffing solution will also handle all aspects of payroll, including the appropriate taxes and other requirements, so you don’t need to include this in your payroll process. You simply pay your provider as a vendor for the services.

Issue Resolution

Even with the best team on your side, workplace issues happen. Rather than abandoning your necessary job functions to handle these problems, an onsite manager will address them to ensure the issue is solved and work continues without interruption. Issue resolution can come in many forms and your recruiting partner is trained to understand all of the possible options.

Management Reports

Today’s workplace is data-driven. That means the more information you can collect, the more successful your business can be. An onsite manager will generate reports so you better understand the way your investment is being handled with your contingent workforce. You can use this information to create plans for the future to streamline your business.

Can having an onsite staffing partner help your business thrive?

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