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Do you think you might need additional staff for your business? Hiring is not inexpensive and it can cost your business a lot of your time as well. Before you run an ad, you may want to think about your other options such as working with a staffing company to bring temps on board. Here are four things to consider when supplementing your current staff with temporary employees.

  1. Follow the natural business cycles.
    Not every day in your business is exactly the same. Your busy season can be a time of increased production or service offerings. Other times can be quiet and good for handling other necessary business processes that often get set aside. Hiring permanent employees during a busy season can grind the company to a halt when the need is over. You’re left picking up the pieces which may include layoffs for new team members. Temporary employees understand the nature of the project and can help just when it is needed most.
  2. Meet increased demands from clients.
    Your clients may also have needs that vary when you least expect them. An unanticipated project may require more manpower and temporary employees can be the perfect answer. Building a partnership with a trusted staffing provider can mean they have your back when you need employees immediately. When the assignment is complete, the company will be able to find another job for the employees who helped you out.
  3. Take stress and tension off your permanent employees.
    Employees are not machines and occasionally someone will have a personal need. When your full time employees need time off you can’t afford to let their job go unfinished. Relieve the stress inherent in day to day work by inviting temporary employees to take on parts of the job that can be handled by someone else. These temps will also be trained at your company and can pitch in when needed if someone has to be out for a day or longer.
  4. Temp to hire opportunities.
    When a full time need does arise, the staffing process can be a challenge. Rather than spending time reading hundreds of resumes, rely on a recruiter who is trained to source and pre-screen candidates who meet your specific requirements. You will only need to meet with the very best. Once you have made a selection, they can work with you on a temporary basis so you can see how they perform. If you are happy with the situation, you can make an offer.

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