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There is no question that employee engagement is directly related to company success. When you look at big examples, like Google or Zappos, you’ll start to see some pretty significant trends when it comes to employee happiness. So, what does management in your company need to do in order to improve overall team engagement? Here are several suggestions that will help make your team happier and more involved.

Conduct a Survey

When you present a survey to your staff they view it as a first step toward taking action. Be sure to ask clear and concise questions that truly tap into the knowledge that you want from your staff. Vague questions just lead to further miscommunications and don’t solve the employee engagement problem. Also, offer your staff an option to write in additional thoughts and ideas.

Start at the Top

Before you implement any new ideas, make sure that your management team is as engaged as you want to see your staff. This needs to start right from the president and C-Level executives down to floor supervisors. If management isn’t engaged, there is little motivation for your staff to feel like their contributions matter to the organization.

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Hold Managers Accountable

It is also important to then make the managers directly accountable for their team’s engagement. Direct supervisors are in contact with their employees every day and can influence how well the staff participates in daily activities. Give them the authority to create individual rewards programs or access corporate recognition tools to help encourage employees to work harder and get better results.

Define Realistic Goals

Finally, your business should also make sure you’re defining the long term goals for the company. Engagement needs to be realistic to succeed. When you’re determining what you want to accomplish, create programs that are easy for everyone on staff to access and utilize. Don’t set standards and goals that make it impossible to conform or you will actually discourage engagement instead if boosting it.

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