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Often in business, we think about the ways our service providers can benefit us. But your Managed Service Provider or MSP is also in business, and they may need some assistance from you to provide the best possible solutions for your business. So, how can you be a better partner for your own MSP? Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Define the roles.

    Sometimes working with an MSP and working with one efficiently are two different things. As you enter your arrangement, it’s best to look at how your MSP will interact with your internal employees. Define the roles of everyone involved so you know who needs to be involved in decision making throughout the relationship.

  • Effectively communicate.

    If you don’t communicate your expectations and continually reinforce what you need, your relationship with an MSP may not live up to your expectations. To expect quality service from them, you need to communicate effectively. Use a mix of written and verbal communication, and don’t allow things to get lost in translation.

  • Allocate resources.

    Your MSP brings a lot to the table, but they also need to work within your system. Make sure you’re giving your representatives the tools they need to effectively work on your specific projects. Allocate the necessary budget as well so you can maintain the same level of service throughout the relationship.

  • Include your team.

    Sometimes there is some pushback from your internal employees when you work with an MSP. They may not fully understand why you’ve contracted with an outside source to handle aspects of jobs they feel qualified to do. It doesn’t have to be a relationship built on animosity though. Involve your team in decisions and in working closely with your MSP.

  • Look beyond the finances.

    While your budget and the money is certainly important, there are aspects of your MSP relationship that go well beyond the finances involved. Don’t make this about the money. Don’t use the money to hold over their head as a method of control or power. Once you can look beyond the finances, you can become a much better partner to your MSP representatives.

Could working with a managed service provider be right for your business?

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