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Interviews are imperfect. An hour long meeting cannot provide all of the potential details that allow an employer to know whether or not a candidate is a good fit or just a good interviewer. Answering all the right questions doesn’t mean that they walk their talk. Can an internship be the answer? Sourcing from students eager to get experience in their field can be a great way to try before you buy.

A Closer Look at Internships and Your Options as an Employer

Observe Their Performance.

A college student is almost certainly going to be looking for work in their field once they graduate. By working with them as an intern you may get the first pick when they are ready to enter the workforce. Use the time they are with you to really evaluate how they do on the job and how they fit in with your corporate culture.

Learn From Them.

Working with college students allows your business to benefit from the knowledge they are receiving in class. There may be ideas and techniques that your company isn’t using yet that your intern may be able to help implement. No one is ever exempt from being able to learn new things so let this experience be a give and take.

Gauge Their Interest.

Some students enter a program because they think it will make them employable after graduation. Others do it because they can’t imagine doing anything else. You really want to work with the candidates who love what they do and are happy to come to work every day. These are the people who will contribute the most and provide innovation.

Consider Temporary to Hire Options.

The good news is that this option doesn’t need to apply only to college students. Working with a staffing provider you can bring new candidates in on a temp to hire basis to see how they fit with your organization and if they are skilled in the most important aspects of your company.

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