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While safety of all employees is the primary concern of many businesses, accidents do sometimes happen. The Canadian Labour Board has established policies regarding individuals who have been the victim of an accident in the workplace. They offer the procedure to follow if you’re injured on the job as well as the requirements for reporting an accident or injury. Here are a few other things to keep in mind.

The provincial worker’s compensation board.

For most employees working for private sector companies their injury compensation will be regulated by the province where they live and work. The employer is responsible for filing a claim with the proper board on behalf of the employee.

Accident investigation.

All workplace accidents must be investigated and certain conditions are to be reported to the Labour board. The employer must assign an inspector and notify the Labour board about the circumstances of the workplace accident within 24 hours. These include the death of an employee, an explosion, or other factors. A written report must also be submitted to the Labour board within 14 days.

Federal employees.

If you are working for a federal company the procedures are slightly different. The Labour board provides information for reporting the injury and following up. A document includes questions such as who needs to be informed, benefits available, qualifications, and where to submit the information after an accident.

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