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Your vendor management system is there to work overtime behind the scenes to ensure you’re productive and efficient. How do you know whether you have the right system in place? If you’re looking to implement or upgrade a vendor management system (VMS), there are some things you can do to ensure you’re choosing the right one. Here are a few things you should consider.  


Allows Your Own Onboarding 

While many onboarding processes are the same from place to place, it’s helpful to have a VMS partner who will allow you to use your own. For example, a W4 and an I-9 will be required for U.S. based companies, but you also want to include information such as your own handbook or other signed agreements.  


Detail and Documentation 

For every business and every industry, documentation is essential. That’s why you need your vender management system to allow you to record everything. This includes conversations and measurements that will help you evaluate your vendors each time a contract is up for renewal.  


Ease of Training 

When shifting to a new VMS, you don’t want to hit your employees with an entirely new process. Things shouldn’t change that much and what does change should be made easier. Evaluating a new VMS should include how easy it is for your current team to learn the new system and begin working without impacting their productivity.  


Share Data 

Without the ability to share data, your VMS may not be as useful as it appears. This means you should be able to share data, through the system, with your vendors as well as internally. Many vendor management systems will use cloud-based technology to allow you to share information between individuals and companies. 



How can you choose the right VMS for your company?  

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