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It is a completely natural reaction for seasoned employees to feel displaced and threatened by new hires in the workplace. However, if they aren’t able to get past these feelings they may miss out on new experiences and opportunities. Millennials are entering the workforce at a faster rate than boomers are leaving it so cross generational workplaces are becoming common throughout the country.

Here is how the influx of recent college graduates will bring new ideas and a positive mentality that can impact your organization.

  • Authenticity. Millennials are less interested in pleasing their bosses or becoming a “Yes Man” than any other generation in the workplace. They are much more interested in being authentic and recognized for the value they bring to the table as individuals. This can be challenging to employees who have a different experience in the workplace but it can really empower everyone if they’re open to the ideas.
  • Mutual respect. Millennials are looking for a work family. They want to work with individuals who can serve as mentors for their career paths. And in spite of not wanting to simply please their managers or co-workers, they want to establish relationships in the office based on mutual trust and respect. Millennials have a lower tolerance for workplace drama.
  • Flexible work schedules. Millennials are also leading the charge toward greater work/life balance. While Generation X spent the last decade trying to figure out how to balance family and home life, Millennials are simply cutting it off at the pass by demanding flexible work schedules or work from home options. For companies that can provide this kind of benefit the rewards are proving to be excellent.
  • Embrace technology. Another benefit that Millennials bring to the table is the integration of technology into their daily lives. Many companies have resisted implementing new technology because they don’t understand the implications of not doing so. However, Millennials simply won’t work at companies who aren’t willing to embrace the latest technology. Mobile apps, cloud computing, and collaborative tools are the most important to recent college graduates.

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