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Hiring is not always cut and dry. And sometimes, mistakes happen. When you’re bringing on a new employee, it’s important they fit in with your corporate culture, know the basics of the job, and give you a sense of relief over finding the right candidate. But not every business is fully equipped to make the best hiring decisions, and that’s ok. There are plenty of moving parts that need to be evaluated, and sometimes that is best done by a professional who has dedicated their career to the art of sourcing and onboarding candidates.

So, what are the most common hiring mistakes, and what can you do to avoid them?

Not paying attention to fit.

You probably hear a lot about fit, and there’s a good reason for that. You need to find someone who will be a good fit with your current team and your overall office culture. Someone who shares your core values. However, be careful that your adherence to “fit” doesn’t turn into something less savory, such as discriminatory hiring practices.

Not honing your own interviewing skills.

Not every hiring manager is skilled at interviewing, but it’s important you learn a few tips and techniques. Don’t hire based on your gut instinct. Instead, do some research on behavioral hiring techniques and ask potential candidates questions about how they would really react in your business environment.

Not providing the right training.

There are several different schools of thought when it comes to training. Some companies go with a “throw them to the wolves” technique, especially if a candidate has previous experience. Others will micromanage throughout the first 90 days. But neither is helpful. Instead, concentrate on what they do know, fill in the gaps on your company culture, and provide positive feedback along with constructive correction along the way.

Not cutting poor performers.

The problem with making a bad decision is admitting it. It happens all too often in business. It will be apparent that someone was not the right hiring choice, but a manager will refuse to take action, believing they just need more time and training. By the time they either quit or are fired for cause, the damage may already be done. A bad hire will affect your bottom line, your team, and your customers, so learn to discern the good from the bad as soon as possible.

Not having a structure.

There is a difference between a casual work environment and a Thunder dome with no rules. Even if you want to keep your organization loose, it’s essential your new employees have some structure around their experience. You will want to manage their expectations and give them the ability to prove their worth to you within this framework.

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