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An incredibly high number of employers are expected to making new hiring decisions sometime in 2016, according to Staffing Industry Analysts.

This is fantastic news for the U.S. economy as well as for the job seekers who hope to be among those hired in the New Year. That 87% figure represents a lot of things when it comes to employment. It can even be broken down into a number of additional categories that better spell out what it means for both employers and employees this year.

55% will Hire Up to 10 Additional Employees

Only 13% of the companies surveyed indicated that they had no hiring plans this year. Though, we would recommend that companies still keep hiring in mind when determining their annual budgets. Just one unforeseen circumstance could cause a difficult to recover from chain reaction that will affect all aspects of the business. However, most companies do expect to hire at least a few people this year.

84% will Hire for Full-Time Positions

In spite of some predictions that changes in the healthcare laws would lead to more companies reducing hours or hiring only part time employees, the vast majority of businesses expecting to hire new employees this year will do so on a full time basis. This is hopeful news for people who have accepted part time jobs in the interim as the economy continues to improve.

44% are Concerned About the Technical Skills of Candidates

However, it is not all sunshine and roses in the hiring arena. The biggest fear that is held by companies planning to hire in 2016 is that they will be unable to find candidates with the right technical skills for their business. The key factor here is almost every industry has a technology component so out of date skills are no longer valid in these workplaces.

Healthcare, Technology and Education Will See Most Growth

The industries that will see the most growth in 2016 are medical, technical, and education. It has been predicted that healthcare jobs would continue to rise as changes in healthcare laws and retiring professionals impact the current landscape. Technology will continue to play a large role in business due to the need for it at every level. These skills will be very marketable for the right candidates.

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