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Ever since the recovery in the mid-2000s, the staffing market changed dramatically. But change isn’t always a bad thing, and organizations that understand how to shift with the new paradigm will find themselves in the perfect position to remain viable and successful as the market continues to change. The most important thing most agencies need to worry about is attracting talent to their business. So how can you convince candidates to work with you and not the competition? The Staffing Stream advises that you target their goals. But what does that mean? Let’s take a closer look.

Flexible work schedules.

The biggest issue for most employees today is the proper work/life balance. For decades our culture has encouraged long hours and hard work. While today’s employees aren’t adverse to hard work, they also want employers to acknowledge that their home life is of equal importance. By giving your staff flexibility in their schedule, you will encourage them to make the most of the time they’re in the office.

Long term monetary goals.

Salary is still important, but not as important as it was once. Many employees are far more interested in looking toward the future in terms of financial independence or retirement goals. Not only do you need to provide a competitive salary to attract candidates to work with you right now, but you’ll need to give long-term incentives that will keep them working.

Added employee benefits.

Benefits are also essential in today’s market. With healthcare under several big changes over the last few years, medical benefits are still important but so are other perks. Employees want a robust personal time off program. They may want different investment programs that can help them reach their long-term monetary goals. Look into what you can offer to attract and retain top candidates.

Employee retention programs.

Speaking of retention, it is also key to consider the ways you need to continually encourage your staff to work to their full potential and remain satisfied in your employment. As an agency, you may offer additional projects once an assignment is complete. Or you may have other incentives that will keep an employee working for you or interviewing with your clients.

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