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Engaging your workforce might be easy in the short term but what most companies are looking for is long term loyalty. So how do you go about creating a workforce that is consistently engaged? Engagement is about more than just gratitude and recognition. True engagement is an art form that a company needs to master over time. Here are a few ideas to engage your team for a long time to come.

Hire People Who Match Your Corporate Culture.

Every person who walks through your door as a permanent employee should be a good fit with the team you already have in place and your corporate values. When an employee doesn’t get along with coworkers or doesn’t feel like their values are reflected in the work they will be unhappy.

Provide Bonuses & Incentives that are Earned Annually.

An annual bonus encourages employees to be loyal to a company. Do hard work and you will be rewarded is a tried and true method of engagement. Plan an annual bonus structure that each employee has a chance to earn if they contribute to the company’s success.

Challenge Your Employees by Providing Growth Opportunities.

Your team is also looking for an opportunity to be intellectually stimulated and work toward a future goal. When they feel stagnant in their jobs they will have a hard time focusing. Continue to provide new responsibilities to the staff.

Show Your Appreciation Frequently and Randomly.

Along with structured bonuses and career challenges you should also provide frequent ways to show your appreciation to your employees. This can be monetary or some other reward to demonstrate that you appreciate their hard work throughout the year. Even sending a handwritten thank you note in the mail to their home is a nice treat.

Be the Kind of Leader they Respect.

Finally, the most important component to consistently happy employees is to be a manager that they like to work for. If there is negativity or animosity or if employees are managed with anger or fear they will not want to come to work every day. You don’t have to be their friend, but you should be someone they respect and look up to professionally.

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