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Interviewing can be a difficult prospect. How do you know this candidate sitting in front of you is sincere in their interest and competent in their abilities? You can test for skills but how do you test for loyalty and commitment? There is good news. While there isn’t a specific fool-proof ways of guaranteeing that an employee will be loyal to your company there are clues that will give you insight into their personality. Here are some ways you can determine someone’s long term commitment to your company.

Look at the relationships they’ve had with past employers.

The first thing you can tell is how long they’ve stayed with their previous companies. Job hopping isn’t always bad but if it is a consistent habit it can be indicative of their loyalty to a business.

They are willing to tell you the truth even if it is not what you want to hear.

A loyal employee isn’t always worried about being a “yes” person. They are invested in the success of a company because they are interested in making it their own success. A loyal person will be 100% honest even if it isn’t the popular opinion. As them how they would react in this situation.

They bring their concerns to you in private.

Employees who air the company’s dirty laundry in front of the rest of the team can prove to be problematic. You want to determine if someone is discrete and will bring up issues in private so they can be discussed and fixed. They are also people who know how to provide solutions rather than just complaints.

They support the business decisions.

An employee who wants to be with a company for a long time will be supportive of business decisions. Even if they have concerns they will bring those up, allow them to be discussed, and ultimately support whatever final decision is made. Ask about how this has happened in the past.