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Before you hang the “Now Hiring” sign in your window, have you thought through all the potential scenarios that could occur? Knowing your true hiring needs will help you streamline your process and focus on bringing in only the top talent to fill your necessary roles. Here are some of the things you should consider before starting your hiring process and moving forward.

  1. Do you have a detailed job description? A job description should be more than a list of duties. This document, which you should have in place for every position in your company, should include the purpose of the role and how it fits into the organization.
  2. What are the “must haves” for an employee? Companies who expect the perfect individual who checks all the boxes to walk through the door are often disappointed in the outcome. Prioritize the requirements for the job. What are the necessary and essential skills?
  3. Am I willing to train? For the additional “nice to haves” on your list, are you willing to train the right person to handle those aspects of the job? The right expectations can go a long way for hiring to be successful.
  4. Is this a long or short term need? Assess the role. Why is it open? Is this a replacement for an individual who has left? Is it a new opportunity? Have you determined the long term viability of this role? It may be useful to know up front whether or not this is a long term assignment or something a temporary employee could handle until you see the results.
  5. Is there someone in my organization already? If your immediate thought is to begin the outside hiring process you may be missing stellar candidates directly under your nose. Is there someone within your organization who can take their career to the next level by accepting this new position? It may be easier to replace a lower level job with a new employee who has long term potential.
  6. Can my extended network help? Once you know who you need to hire, it is important to understand where you can find them. The internet is a great resource but it shouldn’t be the first place you start. Casually mention it to your network. Post it on your LinkedIn profile and ask for people to share it.
  7. Is it time to call a recruiter? A staffing partner can work with you to determine all of these steps and help you source and hire the best candidate for your open position. They can allow you to focus on your job while they concentrate on the placement process for you. Working with recruiters can save your organization both time and money.

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