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It’s true; not all managed services providers are created equal. And if you’ve shied away from using an MSP for your business, it might be because of some pervasive myths surrounding the industry. Several myths simply aren’t true and shouldn’t stand in the way of you having the service that would help your company work more efficiently and effectively. Here are some of the most common myths about working and an MSP and why they’re not true.  


You’ll Have a Slow Response to Downtime 

What happens if your systems are down? Many companies worry that an MSP won’t be able to respond quickly and effectively when they might be working with multiple clients. But you will have a dedicated team to help you ensure that your operations are up and running again as quickly as possible.  


Your Company Data is Less Secure 

You may also be concerned about the security of sensitive data, such as tax and identity requirements for employment. However, MSPs have systems in place to ensure that your data remains secure. Information security is part of the process.  


They’re More Expensive 

Can you keep costs down from handling everything yourself? Maybe. But it’s also possible that your costs will be higher overall. It may appear that MSPs are too expensive on the surface, but when you factor in all of the things included, you will find there will be significant cost savings over time.  


MSPs Don’t Communicate With Your Departments 

If you work with an MSP, don’t they only communicate with each other instead of integrating with your departments? The truth is, a staffing MSP is your partner. They want to work with you and integrate with the right departments to ensure expectations are being met.  


Your Service Will Be Boilerplate 

You may also be concerned that the services you receive will be the same as the services provided to every other MSP client. Your specific needs will not be addressed. But an MSP will work with you to customize their services to fit for you.  


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