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It’s been a couple of long, strange years. Companies were upended throughout the pandemic, and everything we thought we knew about staffing had to shift quickly. In an economy where things can change fast, does your staffing agency have a business growth plan? You may want to consider an MSP to help you’re small to medium staffing business grow in 2022.

Manage Money in and Money Out

It sounds like a basic economy, but it’s essential to know every dollar you spend on the recruiting process and compare it to the money you make from placements. Recruiting can be expensive, and many companies work with staffing agencies to avoid hemorrhaging money in the process. You have to ensure the methods you have in place are accounted for in the transaction.

Consider Specialization

Some staffing agencies create growth opportunities by hyper-focusing their services. It may seem like being generalists will get you more potential placements and money over time, but you can lose traction when you spread yourself too thin. Instead, focus on the segment of the industry that you’re best at, whether that’s customer service, general labor, information technology, or anything else.

Think Globally

COVID-19 changed the way we work. As so many workers transitioned to remote jobs, we entered a national, if not a global, marketplace. Companies that focus entirely on one geographic area miss out on the opportunity to grow beyond their borders. Now is the perfect time to expand because there is so much available.

Have a Plan for a Recession

Any staffing agency around in 2008 knows that a recession can be difficult for business. And the COVID-19 crisis, which happened in a flash, reinforced that. It’s essential to have a plan in place to weather these economic recessions to know what to do during and after to recover, reevaluate, and continue to grow.

These steps work well with managed service providers, which can help your staffing agency grow in a healthy, sustainable way.

Are you ready to explore your options?

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