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A big issue for many client companies today is communicating why new employees should want to work for them rather than a competitor. Managers and business owners focus on the company culture and the benefits structure, but few are looking at the biggest resource they have. The employee experience at your office is essential for bringing in new talent, and the only place to find out what that could be is with your current staff. How do you review your employee experience and translate that to potential employees? Here’s how.

Gauge satisfaction.

You need to determine how satisfied your current staff is on the job to figure out how to translate that for potential new employees. Where is everyone with their career satisfaction, coworker relationships, and overall work/life balance? Now, how can you use this information to help tell your company’s story to applicants? How do you reach something that they didn’t even know they were looking for?

Review productivity.

You also want to see what motivates productivity within your current office. Employees who are productive and positive will have a very different experience than those who feel as though productivity is a punishment. Far too many companies micromanage and while they see that the work is getting done, the individual accomplishments are being overshadowed by a need to be in control.

Consider development.

What do you offer employees beyond salary and benefits? Do you encourage them to continue learning? If so, what tools do you provide to help them achieve their long term goals? Many employees, especially in the younger generations, cite career development as their top motivation for doing well in their job. They want to perform at the top and work their way to future goals.

Showcase environment.

Finally, your employee experience is also made up of the environment in which they work. Is it dreary or light-filled? Does it encourage team work or force people to remain alone in their cubes. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer, it is all part of your corporate culture. But hiring individuals that fit into your environment and thrive there is important to success for both parties.

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