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There are countless reasons as to why employee turnover occurs.

Chances are, throughout the year, you may find yourself in a position where you must find replacement before you let another employee know they’re terminated. When this happens in your company it is crucial that you approach the situation in a way that doesn’t cause larger problems in the workplace.

4 Tips to Manager Employee Turnover and Replace a Team Member Discretely

Keep the Rumors from Spreading

If you need to keep this replacement quiet, don’t talk to anyone else in the company about your decision. Even your most trustworthy employees or other managers may not be able to keep the secret for too long. If the information falls into the wrong hands and weaves its way through the office, the situation could get out of control before you can solve the problem. Instead, keep this one to yourself until you can make it public.

Determine the Cause

Before you take any negative action against the employee you need to have all of the information in place to be sure you’re not going to have any problems stemming from the termination. Collect the data that demonstrates they are underperforming. When you do let them know that they are no longer employed you’ll have all of your information available to avoid adverse reactions.

Conduct Off-Site Interviews

Since you need to keep your current employee on staff while you find a replacement, you really shouldn’t parade new applicants through the office to raise suspicions. Some managers ask candidates to just ask for them and not mention an interview when they arrive, but this can backfire. Off-site interviews can be the safest. Keep the location public and professional and be honest with the candidate about the need for confidentiality.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

Of course, one of the best ways to find a replacement for a current employee is to work with a local staffing agency who can help you with the hiring process and keep the search confidential. They will pre-screen all candidates and only present you with the individuals they believe will be best for your company.

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