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2016 looks like it will be a great year for job seekers.

Those who take the right steps, are proactive in their search, and can demonstrate the matching qualifications, should be able to find the position they’re looking for this year. From the employer’s perspective, it is important to note that the percentage of people seeking new jobs this year will include a portion of their current workforce. In fact, 31% of employees are looking for new jobs while they are still working and 20% are expected to find new employment. So what does this mean for the job market and for employers all over the country? If you’re concerned about your superstar employers quitting in 2016 for another opportunity, here are some things you can do to keep them engaged.

Career Development

The same study cited that 65% of job seekers are looking for career stability. The best way to invest in a person who wants to remain with your company long term is to provide them with continued career development. Offer additional training, continued education, and opportunities to take on more responsibilities over time. If you’re concerned that your current staff is restless, talk to them about how they can be more engaged with the job.

Consider Telecommuting Options

Another issue that is important to a lot of people today is the amount of time they spend commuting to and from their work. The level of stress that is brought on by a daily commute is exponential and greatly affects an individual’s quality of life. But we live in interesting times and many companies could take advantage of technological advancement that allow for superstar employees to work from home. If this is possible for your organization, it can be a major perk to your trusted employees.

Reevaluate Your Corporate Culture

46% of the people in the survey suggested that they were most interested in working for a company with a good work culture. If you haven’t had a look at your overall environment or company values in a while, there is no time like the beginning of 2016 to take some time to reevaluate. What can you do to make your office a desirable place to work?

Added Benefits

Speaking of desirable work environments, there are many smaller things you can do. Job seekers and employees indicated that they were interested in a number of additional perks including half days on Fridays, an on-site gym, catered lunches, access to massages, and the ability to wear jeans to work. It is very possible that you could work some of these items into your office culture, so have a look at what will work for you.

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