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When do you provide feedback on your staff’s performance?

Some companies provide one annual review while others only share feedback when it is negative or corrective. But a recent study has demonstrated that employees are hungry for more information about their performance, and their futures with the company.

In the survey, 37% of employees said they wanted quarterly feedback while only 11% of the companies provided feedback this often. So how can you provide more feedback throughout the year?

Start with Quarterly Reviews

While even annual reviews can be time consuming, try to bump it up to four times a year. The best part about doing this is that more frequent reviews can be shorter in duration. Ask your employees to do a self-evaluation and then have a short meeting to discuss your thoughts with them. This allows your staff to get more regular feedback and make any necessary changes before they become critical mistakes.

Advancement and Continued Learning

Another aspect that your employees will look to you to provide is continued education and possibilities for advancement. Employees, especially those who are part of the Millennial generation, expect so much more from their employers than their Baby Boomer and even GenX counterparts.

Positive Reinforcement

Don’t always, and only, focus on the negative feedback for your employees. Be sure to include as much positive praise as possible whenever they do a noteworthy job or take on a task that is outside the realm of their typical job duties. Recognition goes a long way to encouraging consistent, and improved, performance. It will also help them feel valued as part of the team and a future with the company.

Corrective Measures

Of course, that doesn’t mean that all of your employees are faultless. There will be times when they make big mistakes. The biggest issue many companies have is not correcting these as they happen. Rather, they may let problems fester until they become too big to control. To counter this, be sure to let your employees know when they need to change their behavior as it happens.

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