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Your staff spends more time in the office than they do at home with their families. When individuals complain that they aren’t able to find the time to exercise they aren’t usually speaking in hyperbole. Management that embraces wellness programs and gives their employees the right tools to live healthy will have more satisfied employees overall. Are you thinking about company wellness initiatives?

4 Reasons to Begin Implementing Company Wellness Initiatives

Lower Healthcare Costs

When you have a healthier group of employees your company’s healthcare insurance premiums will go down. It makes so much sense to encourage wellness in the office when it can directly affect your bottom line. When your employees have the tools to decrease their risk of stress related health problems, diabetes, obesity, or to quit smoking they are more likely to be successful.

Increased Productivity

When your team is less stressed and not as worried about their overall health they are much more likely to focus on the daily tasks they need to accomplish. Given the opportunity to focus on health for part of their day will also allow them to not stress out over when they might get to work out or how to have a healthy snack or lunch options.

Build Better Teams

Wellness programs can offer your company an opportunity for regular team building exercises. For example, what if you put together a softball team to participate in a local league? Participating employees will build comradery with their coworkers that will help them not only on the playing field but in the office as well.

Minimize Stress

Finally, the most important accumulation of offering wellness and healthy living programs in your office is to reduce the amount of stress your team experiences over all. Stress in the workplace is a leading cause for conditions such as hypertension and heart disease. Providing outlets within the office is important to maintain a healthy and happy team.


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