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No one dreams of hiring a mediocre employee. So when you start your hiring process, how do you attract the very best candidates? Before you can make the right decision for your business, you need to develop a pool of candidates that are all the very best for your company. Here are some of our tips for finding great candidates and attracting them to your business.

Review your marketing tools.

How are you reaching out to potential candidates? Do you only post online advertisements through the major job sites, or are you also utilizing social media. In today’s connected world, the more avenues you take to spread the word about your open position the better response you will have. Try a variety of things to see what works best for your company, and then streamline from there.

Avoid overanalyzing resumes.

Hiring managers often get caught up in the resume without considering what the resume represents. A piece of paper will never give you a completely picture, so it should just be used as a screening tool. Review resumes for the right skills, the kinds of accomplishments that you feel would help your business, and their overall writing style. Then select the best 3 or 5 and call them to learn more.

Stop being generic in your searches.

Another big problem company’s face when they start to receive too many resumes for one open position is a lack of clarity. When a job description only provides a laundry list of job duties, it can be difficult for an applicant to discern if they are truly a fit for your company. Instead, write copy that will give potential employees a reason to want to apply with your organization and customize their application for you.

Ask your current top employees.

Another great way to find the best candidates is to work with your current staff. Good people tend to refer good people, so tap into this resource. Create a referral program that is tied to the new employee’s performance to give your current team incentive to only recommend the people they believe will excel in the company.

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