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It takes capital to run your business, but it doesn’t have to be a constant flow of money that doesn’t appear to serve the greater good. What ways can you save money in your staffing agency? Before you slash resources, consider the ways you can actually make business improvements that provide better value over time.

Here are some ways to consider saving your agency money.

  • Create a paperless office.

Your agency doesn’t have to rely on paper to effectively do your job. In fact, too much paper quickly becomes clutter in the office. It is less expensive to use online and electronic applications and important paperwork, such as tax forms, rather than printing them for later use. Many employees prefer this kind of record keeping as well as they can see that the internet and information security is also a necessary part of the process.

  • Electronic time sheets and invoices.

The two most critical aspects of your agency can also be handled without paper. Many companies are turning to fully electronic timesheets and invoicing options. Your temporary staff has access to an app or other methods to input their hours worked. Your clients will be automatically notified for approval. This is automatically imported into your accounting tool and it alleviates some of the issues with missing time cards or employer approvals.

  • Lease important equipment.

You will need some equipment for your office, but you don’t have to shell out the investment and maintenance yourself. Many offices opt to lease bigger equipment, such as printers or copy machines. When you buy a piece of large equipment, you might get some tax breaks, but it is important to determine if this offsets the cost of repair, storage, and usage.

  • Bundle your services.

Another option for cutting costs in your agency is to bundle important services. The most common bundle for a business is internet and phone service, both of which are critical for the success of your company. There may also be some bundling opportunities that you haven’t thought of, such as an energy saver bonus with your power company.

  • Consider work from home options.

Many organizations are fully embracing the remote working model. This can not only cut costs for your company by eliminating expensive overhead but it can also improve the quality of life for your team. When a job is predicated on telephone or internet communication, an office presence isn’t as critical. Creating a work from home plan for your team can benefit everyone.

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