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Starting your own business was a leap of faith. You believed in your product or service and understood your talents. Every business owner has a specialty and remaining focused is a key aspect of success in the marketplace. While your expertise may not be centered around human resources or hiring, bringing the right people into your team will also increase success. Outsourcing your talent acquisition to a company dedicated to hiring and staffing can be an excellent strategic partnering decision that can bring your organization to the next level. Here are just a few of the benefits for working with a staffing provider for your hiring needs.

  1. Cost effectiveness. Hiring is not inexpensive. Advertising, prescreening, background checks and other methods of vetting potential employees all come at a price. You also need to take into consideration the cost of the job remaining unfilled. How does the role affect your client base? If you hire someone you pay not only their annual salary but also benefits, taxes, and related costs. The value of these items is bundled at a staffing service and your cost becomes more manageable long term.
  2. Efficiency of staffing. Recruiters have been trained in the art of sourcing and identifying candidates based on their client’s criteria. This process can increase the efficiency of your staffing experience. Only qualified candidates will make it to your desk. To do the same work yourself would mean countless hours of sifting through submitted resumes only to discover a few who match your expectations.
  3. Flexible placements. Short term hiring isn’t always effective if you are handling the process internally. However, a staffing service understands that companies have temporary needs. They are able to work with you on special projects or unexpected leaves of absence that can affect your business.
  4. Minimal risk. Regardless of how confident you are in a candidate’s ability to perform the job and fit into your environment there is no real way of knowing for sure. However, a staffing service can provide a temp to hire guarantee. You can maintain contact with the recruiters and determine if the candidate works well in your office before you make a permanent hiring decision. If you find yourself in need of a replacement, your recruiter won’t waste any time getting the ball rolling again.
  5. Your strategic partner. Anserteam Workforce Solutions is a leader in providing qualified candidate to organizations in 350 markets throughout the US and Canada. Our mission is to treat those we serve with respect, honesty and integrity while providing world-class service to our valued clients, employees, prospects and partners while always remaining open-minded with flexibility and adaptability.

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