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When the world shut down in the spring of 2020, companies had to pivot quickly to provide the ability for employees to work from home. Some companies already had systems in place, while others were forced to piece together solutions using a variety of new technology. But now that we’ve had some time to adjust, and some companies are deciding to remain remote, has your company put an emphasis on cybersecurity to protect the company’s data? Cybersecurity is critical in this new normal, so how can your organization take more precautions?

Cyber Security and Remote Work

Even as some companies prepare to return to in-office work, it is expected that remote work will continue for many employees and industries. That means organizations must pay close attention to how security works for individuals working outside of their office. One of the reasons many industries and companies didn’t allow remote work previous was over these concerns. That’s why having the right systems in place and policies for your team to follow to be safe with important data is a priority.

Providing Added Security Through VPN

One method of providing added security for your data and your employees is to provide a VPN or Virtual Private Network. A VPN hides the IP address for the person accessing data by redirecting it to a network maintained by a VPN host. This means that your employees’ internet service providers or third parties cannot see the information their accessing. It encrypts the data, so even if someone unsavory got their hands on it, the information would be useless.

Encourage the Separation of Work and Personal Tech

Another way to ensure that your company and clients’ private data is secure is by encouraging a separation between work computers and personal technology. Many companies handle this by issuing a work-only computer to their staff. This computer should only be used for work-related functions while your employees can continue to use their home devices to access their social media or entertainment.

Partnering with an MSP

Working with an MSP can also increase your data security. Among the services provided by MSPs is Performance Monitoring, which can monitor the performance of your network and maintain security in the cloud or through a hybrid server approach. Outsourcing cybersecurity to professionals trained in the industry will be one of the best ways to ensure your company remains safe and compliant.

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