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Hiring is a complex game that involves a lot of moving pieces. First you need to determine your company’s needs. Then you need to source a candidate who possesses all the right skills. Then you need to make an offer and hope the right candidate will take it. Finally, they will need to work out in the position and fit in with your office environment. What happens if the pieces don’t come together? Many companies will elect to hire inexperienced workers to save money on their salary but these employees may not possess the life experience it takes to succeed in business.

The High Cost of Inexperienced Workers.

  • Poor quality of work. While it may not be obvious at first, a bad hire can affect the quality of your services or products by cutting corners or making frequent mistakes. These mistakes are often not caught until it is too late to repair the damage.
  • Poor attitude. Other times the destructive effect on the office is more obvious. A negative attitude can affect the rest of your team and can create unnecessary drama. Even worse, the negative behavior can affect your customers.
  • Poor attendance. If you experience a red flag in the interviewing process, such as the candidate being continuously late, you may want to rethink your hiring decision. Lateness affects your ability to conduct business and it is disrespectful for your time or the time of your other employees and clients.
  • Poor customer feedback. A bad hire goes beyond the office environment. If their performance begins to affect your customers you may have bigger problems on your hands. Regular negative feedback about a certain employee’s performance is never something to take lightly.
  • Poor time management. Missed deadlines can create an avalanche within your office. When something doesn’t get done on time someone else may need to pick up the slack or the project may go unfinished or be extremely late. Address missed deadlines from the start and track the problem.
  • Poor teamwork skills. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. If you notice your previously productive team has been negatively affected by a new hire it may be time to make a drastic decision. If the seeds of dissatisfaction spread you could face a large problem.

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