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An open position at your company is like a portal into multiple potential realities. Whoever you decide to hire in that role will impact the future of your entire organization. There are a lot of discussions today about the possibility of hiring inexperienced workers for their potential. And while that may be a good solution in many cases, there are other opportunities where experience matters. Here are three things to keep in mind if you’re considering inexperienced workers for your positions.

The High Cost of an Inexperienced Hire

The cost of a bad hire, or an inexperienced one, isn’t just the money you spend on recruiting and the new employee salary. It affects every aspect of your business, including:

  • Poor quality of work
  • Bad attitudes
  • Attendance issues
  • Customer impressions
  • Time management problems
  • Employee morale

Someone without the experience of working in an environment like yours may not have the maturity to handle the demands of a full-time job. This is different than simply hiring for potential. Many companies will hire inexperienced workers because they can save money, but that can backfire quickly.

Sourcing Qualified Candidates

What is the solution? The most important thing you can do to change this situation is to focus on hiring qualified candidates for your open positions. The attraction for tapping into inexperienced workers is access and affordability, but is that truly a cost-savings when you may find more significant issues in the long run? Instead, focus on reaching out to more communities to find individuals who have the desire and the skills necessary to come into your business and do a great job from the start.

The Impact on Client Relations

The most important thing to consider when hiring new employees, regardless of their role in the company, is how their work will ultimately affect your customers. Whether the results negative based on inaccurate work, incorrect information, or overall customer experience, you are solely responsible for the consumer’s impression of your organization. When your reputation becomes damaged, it can be challenging to recover. It’s better to start from a place of exemplary work than inexpensive labor.

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