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Your procurement department may wear many hats. Sourcing services, including a contingent workforce, is just one function. How can a procurement department partner with a managed service provider to help them maintain quality, get the services they need, and reach the company-wide goals? Can an MSP, along with a vendor management system, benefit you and your department? Let’s take a closer look.  


Subject Matter Experts 

Within staffing, your managed services provider is an expert in hiring and onboarding the contingent staff you need to accomplish your goals. Subject matter experts can help you meet your targets in several areas, including SOW based procurement, P2P, SaaS, and many other applications.  

Your MSP can work across multiple locations and time zones so they can help you achieve your global goals faster and easier. They will become an extension of your procurement department.   


Resource Managers 

Your MSP, potentially with the use of a VMS, can assist your business in keeping track of resources and manage the contingent workforce. This can be as hands-on or hands-off for you and your company based on your own needs and interests.  

You can trust your MSP to execute your requirements, onboard and manage workers, and report data that can help you stay on task.  


Administrative Execution  

Another way your MSP can enhance your procurement department is by taking the lead on all administrative functions related to your contingent workforce. There are various requirements, such as tax forms and eligibility, that need to be assessed before someone begins work. Once theyre employed, payroll is the most substantial administrative function.  

Your MSP will be on top of these things. They can handle all aspects of the working relationship with your contingent workforce.  


Single Source of Contact 

What might be most important for many procurement professionals is a single source of contact. It can be overwhelming when you need to speak with multiple people for just one resource. But your MSP will give you access to one contact who will handle everything.  

Having a contact leaves your department free to handle all of the other essential functions of procurement so you can target all of your business goals.  


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